Secure grid capacity:
Finding available capacity on the grid network is difficult. Many locations do not have any capacity until after 2035. Ethos works with specialist Power System Engineers to identify where there is capacity and where grid balancing is most needed to reduce constraints and increase the deployment of renewable energy.

Site selection:
Once we have secured the grid connection, we evaluate the local area to find the land sites which have the least impact on the surrounding area.

Working with landowners:
When we have identified the best potential site(s), we work together with the landowner to ensure that the site is located in the best position, and agree commercial terms which will help diversify the farmers income.

Local engagement:
Our renewable energy projects follow the best practice guidelines as set out by Solar Energy UK, including engagement with the local community throughout the planning stage.

Construction and Operation:
Ethos sites are designed so that they create the minimum impact on the local community for the shortest period of time during construction and blend into their surroundings.

Local benefits:
Renewable energy projects bring many local benefits including job creation, landowner income, increased biodiversity, and clean energy.

Planning applications are for temporary use, and Ethos agrees a decommissioning fund which is held independently to ensure that the land is reinstated to its original state with the added benefits of the ecological enhancements that have taken place.